Betting System & Software Reviews

There are hundreds of systems out there but how do you know which ones really make money over the long-term? Sure there are some decent ones, but how many do you have to try out before you find ‘the right one to make your betting pay’?

I know it's not that easy to walk away from all those nice looking offers that land in your inbox on a regular basis but It's sad to see how many people have wasted their hard earned money and time betting with systems and software that simply don't work.

The main purpose of this site is to provide you with information which will hopefully point you in the right the direction. I am going to introduce you to systems and software that really do work – those that are proven under real-life conditions to win you money over the long term.

My reviews include betting exchange, football, greyhounds, poker, casino, lottery and horse racing systems.

If there is one thing I hate it's got to be affiliate GURU'S

You must know the type by now, it's the bunch of bum kissers who recommend every sort of crappy betting system and software out there as long as there is an affiliate commission to be made.

The higher the commission they get the higher they would recommend this or that product to people without caring at all if the system or software is any good!

Some of these people don't even know what it is they are promoting, they don't even get the time to test it for themselves - they DO NOT care if you are then going to lose every hard earned penny using the crappy system or software they recommended to you either.

I don't just feel disgusted because they lie to people to make a few quid commission, what really drives me crazy is that not only do they waste people's money - they can also lose people £££'s after that if these people start betting using the wrong systems and software.

Not only will I recommend systems and software that work but I will also expose those that DON'T.

Every review is from first-hand experience and compiled over a long period of time. Whatever your betting passion, I will help you to to start making money right away. try to give an accurate initial review of all the systems and software I review. I will continue to monitor certain systems however and depending how the results fare may upgrade or downgrade there initial ratings as applicable.

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